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About Spotted Pup Productions
Spotted Pup Productions is a Vermont and New York based production company founded in 2011 by Noa Saunders with tremendous support from some amazing people: Kaleigh Saunders, Nate Venet, Kerstin Anderson, John Canning, and Bill Reed.  The mission of Spotted Pup is to create opportunities for young artists, produce high quality shows, and build connections with the community.   

Noa Saunders
Founder, Producer, [title of show] Assistant Director, Actor

Kerstin Anderson
Founding Member, Charlie Brown  Director, & Actor
Avalon Kann
[title of show] & Dr. Horrible Director
Nate Venet
Founding Member, Into the Woods & Spidey Project  Director/Music Director; Charlie Brown, [title of show], & Dr. Horrible Music Director
Kaleigh Saunders,
Founding Member, Actor, & 
Showcase Director